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Spiders eat many types of insects and are therefore an integral part of the insect ecosystem. But in certain residential areas where homes are close to lakes, rivers and heavily forested areas; spiders, spider webs and their fecal droppings can together create quite the nuisance.

As one of Eastern Ontario’s oldest, locally owned Pest Control companies we have established Programs to control spider infestations as well as secondary pest problems. Our Spider Control Program is a safe, effective, and focussed application. We only treat areas where the spiders are located, with a Health Canada approved product. We service the exterior of houses, garages, and sheds. In most instances, the application does not affect flowers, shrubbery, or any other vegetation (except during extreme drought conditions).

Prior to our service we ensure a safe application by doing a walkabout where we remove items such as pet food and water dishes, herb planters, etc. Because our service is very focussed, little product touches the ground and once the product is dry it is fine for people and pets to re-enter the area.

Spider Control Basic Package


Our Spider Control Basic Package focuses on helping to control the number of spiders around your home or business. Starting in May and June, we provide treatment every 45-50 days. Treatment timing is affected by spider populations in the area and local weather conditions. Technicians will come to your home or business, remove any items that should not be exposed to the product and sweep down any webs. The service entails both a product application and a sweeping component focussing on the soffit and facia areas, around lights, around doors and windows (all areas where spiders hang out). We make every attempt to avoid the product coming into contact with the windows themselves, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. If you are planning to have your windows washed, it is best to have them done 7 to 10 days after our treatment.

Once completed, any items moved prior to treatment are returned to their proper place (sometimes the technicians are so good you cannot tell the items have been moved). All our Spider control services are guaranteed so if Mother Nature throws us a curve ball, give us a call so we can fix it. Because we want to get the product applied before the residual value runs out, we sometimes try to get a service in before a pending rain. Applying before a rainfall is a gamble but is worth trying if you are close to your next service date. We are relying on you to tell us if it did not work and, if this is the case, there is no extra charge for touching up and/or redoing the service.

Spider Control Plus Package


Our Spider Control Plus program is the same as the Basic program with the addition of extra Pest coverage. With this program if you find evidence of mice in your home, a wasp nest on the porch, some earwigs in the garden that are starting to enter your house, simply give our Office a call. We will let your technician know about your new pest issue and he will set up an appropriate service. For wasp or hornet nests this typically would involve treating the nest. For mice, we would check for entry points, determine the best method to control the population and implement the plan.

When you call, we’ll collect details about what pest you have (mice, hornets/wasps, earwigs), what evidence you’ve seen, where they are and what you have already tried (please don’t try – it can make the job so much harder if not done correctly). The office will set up a time if needed and will send the information to the technician. Keep in mind that some issues (like wasps for someone who is allergic) are more time sensitive than others (earwigs can be taken care of with your spider treatments). We will keep a record of the issues you’ve had this year, so we can make sure you get the best package for next year.

Frequently Asked Questions


We do our best to provide our customers with a consistent, high-quality service. We do not deviate from using the best product at the recommended application rate as per the supplier. Mother Nature is not always on our side and sometimes the weather will encourage the growth of insect populations. Increased food supply equals increased spiders. We do the best we can, but timing and the numbers of spiders you see will differ from year to year.

If you are still seeing spiders within the first 2 weeks after our visit, please be patient. Sometimes spiders aren’t at home when we apply the pesticide and we have to wait for the residual properties of the treatment to do their job. If you are still seeing spiders more than 2 weeks after our visit, please let us know. Mother Nature sometimes tries to thwart our efforts and sends a rainstorm right after a treatment. Let us know the spiders are taking over and we’ll send in reinforcements.

Individual services can be provided, however they are based on our standard pricing and do not include sweeping the webs away before application. Please contact the office for pricing options.

Dragnet is a new and safer insecticide. It dries quickly so is safe for use in areas frequented by children or pets. There is also a residual component to the product that continues to control the spiders for up to 50 days after application. This is the reason for the 45-50 day gap between applications.

Our services are mainly restricted to the house, garage, shed etc. and dries quite quickly depending on the weather at the time of application. Prior to our service, we walk around the area and ensure that pets are a safe distance away. We also ensure sensitive plants, accessories, pet dishes, etc are well out of the drift area of the application. If you have any concerns, please call the office and we make note of any sensitive areas prior to application.

The application of our Spider control service focusses on soffit and facia areas, doors, windows, etc. These are not typically areas where ants inhabit so the service does not have much effectiveness as an ant control. If ants are a problem, please call our Office. Remember if earwigs are a problem around the outside perimeter of your house, check out our Spider Control Plus package.

Our earwig application is an exterior perimeter service that mitigates the entry of earwigs into your home. For landscaping issues we suggest contacting a lawn maintenance/pest control company.

Please let the technician know of any areas of concern before your treatment. While our service is to provide spider control on building structures, if we know there is a higher concentration of spiders in an area adjoining the structure, we can make note and ensure that portion of the building receives special attention.




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